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Yahoo & Bing Ads

Yahoo & Bing Ads

Entiresoft Solution's helps you to run the ad on your website and social media. it helps you to increasing your traffic and take your website on top of google search engine. 


Bing Ads allows advertisers access to a significant proportion of the global internet population (17 million searchers in the India) and research shows that Bing searchers are 49% more likely to buy your products. and it will help to grow your website faster on google search engine.

The Background

The Yahoo Bing Network is a platform combining the two search engines. Therefore, if you have a campaign setup on Bing Ads, you will be reaching consumers on Bing as well as Yahoo. Although the reach on Bing Ads isn’t as much as that on Google, Bing Ads still reach up to 20 million unique searchers on the Yahoo Bing Network in the UK. This equates to around 10% of the UK search engine market.

Bing advertising is a great way to gain competitive advantage. You can reach a substantial percentage of your target market, and if your competitors aren’t currently on Bing yet, it’s a great way to gain further market share. On top of this, the average time spent on Bing is 23% higher than on Google as well as a 4.2% higher order value than searches on Google. Due to the lower competition on Bing, the cost per click of a Bing Ad is much lower than Google. According to research, CPCs are up to 70% lower than Google meaning you can get more returns for your budget and a better ROI (return on investment).


My website is first in Google!!!! My website never used to get any hits but since I got my website optimized it's been unbelievable. The number of hits is growing every month and my phone rings too, Thanks Guys.
I was a bit worried about sourcing work to overseas companies but I have been very pleased with how things went and are extremely happy with their work.

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