We selected Media Dragons to design our new website for us.

I wish to thank Sean and Paul for their help and support in this project.

To date we are very satisfied with the end product.

Mrinal Vats
Director Anukul Infosystems

Media Dragons impressed us at our first meeting, not just with the concepts they planned for the design of our site but also with the emphasis they placed on online strategies, responsive design, and the importance of leveraging social media and analytics for a strong online presence.

Kartik Mudgal
Technical Head i-ps.co.uk

The level of experience, thought and care that went into the design of our site – from concept to wire frame to final design – was reassuring. We really felt partners in the whole design process.

Manager @ Bhartiya Grahak Foundation

We are exceptionally pleased with the final product and intend harnessing some of the technologies, such as SEO, analytics and integration of social media, to market our courses. We would recommend anyone looking for a positive customer experience and professional design to contact Media Dragons

Author of an E BOOK

We got Media Dragons to design our website for us. We found them extremely professional and knowledgeable at every step of the projects design and implementation. Since our website went live we have returned to Media Dragons on occasions for discussion on different aspects of our website and it’s future enhancements, and we have met with the same professional attitude that we encountered on our first meeting.

Richard Anderson
creative director

From our very first contact with Media Dragons to the final launch of our new website and logo, I found that they provided an outstanding service. All my queries were answered quickly and each step of the process was well explained and made as simple as possible. I am very pleased with the end result and would happily recommend them to any company wishing to create or update their website and logo.

Pankaj Jadval
Technical Head

I dealt for the most part with Ujjwal and Aryan, and found them at all times to be skilled, helpful and imaginative when it came to overcoming problems. – i.e alteration to design.

James Richardson
Graphic Designer

We found Media Dragons a Team of  professional and more importantly they had a good understanding in what we needed to achieve in the content and design of the website.

Madhu Singh
Owner of a magazine

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